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Dental Crowns & Fixed Bridges

Patients who experience significant decay, damage, or tooth loss don’t need to worry about their oral health thanks to crown and bridge treatments at Houston Uptown Dentists. Our skilled dental practitioners offer patients wholly restored oral health with natural looking and feeling restorations in just a few appointments. Contact our knowledgeable team to find out more or schedule your appointment today. We’re happy to help you determine the best treatment option for your damaged smile.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used on their own and in conjunction with a number of other restorative services in order to renew oral health and repair cosmetic flaws. Like the name might suggest, a dental crown fits over the top of a damaged tooth like a crown is placed on someone’s head. Our team always recommends the most conservative treatment option in order to help patients maintain natural dental structure, and in many cases, dental crowns allow us to do just that. Crowns can be crafted from a number of materials including gold, silver, and porcelain bonded to metal, but in most cases we’re likely to recommend the cosmetically and functionally superior all ceramic option. Some of the many reasons patients may need dental crown restoration include:

Dental crowns are typically placed in two appointments. During the first visit, the tooth or teeth are prepared by removing damaged dental structure. Our team takes a series of digital x-rays and dental impressions that will be used by our trusted dental lab to craft a custom crown. In the meantime, patients wear a temporary restoration to protect their prepared tooth. Once the custom restoration is complete, patients return to our office for the final placement restoring their healthy, beautiful smiles.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges are used frequently and may be the best choice for tooth replacement depending on your needs. Crown & bridge tooth replacement is an excellent option to replace a single tooth or two or three teeth in a row. A bridge is a less time consuming option than dental implants and can be completed in two office visits over a period of two weeks. A bridge is a group of crowns that are connected together. The bridge consists of a pontic (prosthetic tooth) which is attached to two adjacent crowns and cemented in place as a single prosthetic. A bridge helps to maintain the shape of your face and restores function where you are missing a tooth.