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Digital X-Rays

In the past, X-Rays were time consuming, uncomfortable, and exposed patients to large amounts of radiation. Today, Houston Uptown Dentists use digital x-rays to achieve higher quality images that allow our team to accurately view both external and internal dental structures. Best of all, digital radiography is quicker, more comfortable, and immediately available for view on a chairside monitor.  Digital X-Rays make it easier to offer patients better evaluations and treatment options because patients truly become partners in their own dental care planning. With digital x-rays, our team can zoom in and out, color code, and make other adjustments in order to help patients understand their current oral health and potential treatment options. If patients are in need of more advanced treatment options, we are able to quickly transfer digital x-ray files via email protecting patients’ privacy and ensuring safe and secure sharing of information between offices.

Safe, Effective, Fast Results

Traditionally, x-rays not only exposed patients to high amounts of radiation, they also exposed our team to hazardous chemicals used to develop the x-rays. Once the x-ray scans were developed, the physical copies had to be viewed using a special light board, stored in bulky filing systems, and transferred physically between locations. Additionally, comparing past and present x-rays was difficult using physical copies, but digital x-rays reduce radiation, make physical copies obsolete, and let us quickly and efficiently view changes to patients’ smiles over the years by viewing numerous digital x-rays at once.

Digital radiography is quicker and more comfortable than traditional x-rays. In the past, x-rays could take multiple attempts to capture a clear image and exposed patients to excessive amounts of radiation. Digital x-rays are easier to capture, and offer higher definition results. These crystal clear images can be shared with insurance providers, specialist referrals, and patient education. Digital x-ray files are quickly, conveniently, inexpensively, and accurately reproduced.

The Benefits of Digital Radiography Include