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Sleep Apnea Screening & Oral Appliance Therapy

Snoring is undeniably a source of frustration and annoyance for millions of American men and women, but the underlying cause of these loud, obnoxious nightly noises may be something more serious than a simple nuisance. More than 18 million Americans suffer from a serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea, and one of the most common indications of this condition is excessive snoring.

If you or your partner experiences sleep disruptions frequently due to snoring or other loud, intrusive breathing sounds, our doctors want to help uncover the reason why. To definitively determine whether or not you have a snoring problem, our team provides you with a state-of-the-art device called MediByte®.

Diagnosing Snoring Problems with MediByte®

Previously, patients who suspected they might be affected by sleep apnea or a snoring problem had to undergo a sleep study overnight in a special facility away from home. Today, the doctors at Houston Uptown Dentists offer a solution that promotes patient comfort, convenience, and total effectiveness, all within the patient’s home: MediByte®. We’ll send you home with the revolutionary MediByte® device and usage instructions. Diagnosing sleep disorders and snoring problems couldn’t be easier for the patient, and the data collected helps our doctors develop a treatment plan that’s perfect for you.

Treatment That Fits Your Lifestyle

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a unique, patient-centered approach, our doctors help people just like you overcome the many complications of excessive snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. If you suspect that you or someone in your family may be suffering from sleep apnea or if you simply want to explore your options for treatment of loud, disruptive snoring, we are here to help. If it is determined that you suffer from a problem with snoring and/or sleep apnea, our doctors provide you with a customized oral appliance to wear at night. The comfortable, proven-effective device prevents obstruction of airways while you sleep eliminating snoring and instances of sleep apnea throughout the night.


Those patients who suffer from advanced sleep apnea may need more extensive treatments. We offer NightLase laser therapy to reduce the adverse effects of sleep apnea. The safe, precise laser treatment allows us to reduce blockage in the airway and snoring. The application of NightLase causes the contraction of collagen in the oral mucosa tissue. The tightening of these tissues prevents the obstruction of patients’ airways during sleep that contributes to obstructive sleep apnea. With minimal impact on patients’ comfort and health, NightLase doesn’t only treat the symptoms of sleep apnea it offers a cure.

Contact us at our family-friendly dental practice in Houston, TX today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Amanda K. Juarez, and Dr. Hanna Coklin. We look forward to helping you find lasting relief from excessive snoring and sleep apnea with our comprehensive general dentistry and sleep apnea solutions. Our office happily welcomes patients from the entire Galleria/Houston Uptown area and surrounding communities.